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  • Naso (5771) – The Pursuit of Peace

    The parsha of Naso seems, on the face of it, to be a heterogeneous collection of utterly unrelated items. First there is the account of the Levitical families of Gershon and Merari and their tasks in carrying parts of the… read more

  • Naso (5774) – The Politics of Envy

    Few things in the Torah are more revolutionary than its conception of leadership. Ancient societies were hierarchical. The masses were poor and prone to hunger and disease. They were usually illiterate. They were used by rulers as a means to… read more

  • Naso (5773) – What Counts?

    This week’s sedra begins with a continuation of the census begun in last week’s – the act that gives the entire book its English name: the book of “Numbers.” Two things, though, are puzzling. The first is the very act… read more

  • Naso (5770) – Two Types of Hero

    Last year in these studies we noted the well-known difference of opinion among the sages about the nazirite – the individual who undertook to observe special rules of holiness and abstinence: not to drink wine or other intoxicants (including anything… read more

  • Naso (5769) – The Nazirite

    Our sedra contains the laws relating to an unusual phenomenon in the religious life: the case of the nazirite, an individual who undertook – by oath and for a limited period – a special set of self-imposed restrictions. He vowed… read more

  • Naso (5772) – Sages and Saints

    As mentioned in a previous Covenant and Conversation, there was an ongoing debate between the sages as to whether the nazirite – whose laws are outlined in this week’s parsha – was to be praised or not. Recall that the… read more

  • Naso (5768) – The Priestly Blessings

    In Jerusalem, looking down on Israel’s Parliament, the Knesset, is a magnificent building, the Israel museum. It houses an extraordinary array of exhibits, drawn from almost every age, place and culture. There are items from the entire history and geography… read more

  • Terumah (5767) – Two Narratives of Creation

    The Torah describes two acts of creation: G-d’s creation of the universe, and the Israelites’ creation of the mikdash or mishkan, the sanctuary that travelled with them in the desert, the prototype of the Temple in Jerusalem. The connection between… read more