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  • Shemini (5771) – Spontaneity: Good or Bad?

    Shmini tells the tragic story of how the great inauguration of the tabernacle, a day about which the sages said that G-d rejoiced as much as he had at the creation of the universe, was overshadowed by the death of… read more

  • Shemini (5768) – The Light of Holiness

    The great moment has come. For seven days – beginning on the 23rd Adar – Moses had consecrated Aaron and the priests. Now, on Rosh Chodesh Nissan, the time has arrived for Aaron to begin his service, ministering to the… read more

  • Shemini (5773) – Fire: Holy and Unholy

    The shock is immense. For several weeks and many chapters – the longest prelude in the Torah – we have read of the preparations for the moment at which G-d would bring His presence to rest in the midst of… read more

  • Shemini (5770) – Thought for Food

    The second half of Exodus and the first part of Leviticus form a carefully structured narrative. The Israelites are commanded to construct a sanctuary. They carry out the command. This is followed by an account of sacrifices to be offered… read more

  • Shemini (5769) – Between Hope and Humanity

    It should have been the great day of celebration. The tabernacle – Israel’s first collective house of worship – was complete. All preparations had been made. For seven days, Moses had performed the inauguration. Now, the eighth day – the… read more

  • Shemini (5774) – Reticence vs. Impetuosity

    It should have been a day of joy. The Israelites had completed the mishkan, the sanctuary. For seven days Moses had made preparations for its consecration.[1] Now on the eighth day – the first of Nisan,[2] one year to the… read more