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  • Va’era (5772) – Freedom and Truth

    Why did Moses tell Pharaoh, if not a lie, then less than the full truth? Here is the conversation between him and Pharaoh after the fourth plague, arov, “swarms of insects” (some say “wild animals”) Pharaoh summoned Moses and Aaron… read more
  • Va’era (5771) – The Birth of History

    The parasha of Va’era begins with some fateful words. It would not be too much to say that they changed the course of history because they changed the way people thought about history. In fact, they gave birth to the… read more
  • Va’era (5770) – Losing Freedom

    It is one of the classic philosophical conundrums. In this week’s sedra, before even the first plague has struck Egypt, G-d tells Moses: “But I will harden Pharaoh’s heart, and multiply My miraculous signs and wonders in Egypt. He will… read more
  • Va’era (5769) – The Cup of Hope

    As a child, I used to be fascinated by the cup of Elijah at the seder table. Would the prophet come when we opened the door after the meal? Would he be visible or invisible? Did the level of the… read more
  • Va’era (5768) – The G-d Who Acts In History

    The Israelites are at their lowest ebb. They have been enslaved. A decree has been issued that every male child is to be killed. Moses is sent to liberate them, but the first effect of his intervention is to make… read more
  • Va’era (5767) – Of Lice and Men

    “Throughout all Egypt the dust turned into lice. But when the magicians tried to produce lice by their secret arts, they could not. The lice attacked men and animals alike. The magicians said to Pharaoh, ‘This is the finger of… read more