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“Life is a story. It is our response to the call of suffering in the world.”

Explore the life and work of Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks

Discover articles, videos, books, commentary, and educational resources from an international faith leader, ambassador for Judaism and Jewish values, respected moral philosopher, and award-winning author.

This digital archive, which will continue to expand over time as more content is uploaded, has been developed by The Rabbi Sacks Legacy Trust following the passing of Rabbi Sacks on 7th November 2020.

Anger Management

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Read this week’s featured piece, chosen from the Ethics series of Rabbi Sacks’ commentary essays on the Torah.


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The Great Partnership

Dr Norman Swan interviewed Rabbi Sacks at the Great Synagogue in Sydney in 2012. Listen to their fascinating discussion on the intersection between science and religion.

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Connecting to God

In this newly animated video – released for Yom Yerushalayim 2022 – Rabbi Sacks suggests three key ways for us to find spiritual inspiration and connect with God.

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Hebrew University Honours Rabbi Sacks

Rabbi Sacks was just awarded a posthumous honorary doctorate – watch the new video from the ceremony. 

Celebrating Life

Celebrating Life

“I wrote it to cheer myself up.”

Following the painful loss of his father, Rabbi Sacks invested time in learning how to celebrate life in a new way. He explored how happiness lives in family, community, friendship, and responsibilities. He also found happiness through a renewed relationship with God and, while doing so, he shared his stories and ideas to help others find their own happiness in unexpected places.

Educational Resources



The Family resource is one of many we have recently developed for educators who wish to find comprehensive sources from Rabbi Sacks on specific topics. These resources provide full access to videos, speeches, articles, and more from Rabbi Sacks on a variety of subjects, with lesson plans and discussion questions built in.

From the Archive

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Renewing the American Covenant

In October 2017, Rabbi Sacks was invited to Washington DC to accept the prestigious Irving Kristol Award from the American Enterprise Institute.

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Stepping down as Chief Rabbi

After 22 years as Chief Rabbi, what did Rabbi Sacks envision would come next? Read his interview from 2013, as he embarked on new projects and set out future plans.

Chatting with schoolkids

The more you give, the more you’ll be given

Listen to the Thought for the Day broadcast in which Rabbi Sacks examines the beauty of becoming a teacher and working with young people.

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Read a selection of the tributes, statements, articles and obituaries published in the aftermath of Rabbi Sacks’ passing.

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Personal Reflections

Read a selection of personal reflections and stories about individuals’ interactions with Rabbi Sacks, or submit your own.