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“Torah and chochmah must be reunited if Judaism is to recover its ability to speak to the world without fear of the world.”

Explore the life and work of Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks

Discover articles, videos, books, commentary, and educational resources from an international faith leader, ambassador for Judaism and Jewish values, respected moral philosopher, and award-winning author.

This digital archive, which will continue to expand over time as more content is uploaded, has been developed by The Rabbi Sacks Legacy following the passing of Rabbi Sacks on 7th November 2020.

A Father’s Love

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Read this week’s featured piece, chosen from the Spirituality series of Rabbi Sacks’ commentary essays on the Torah.


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The Persistence of Faith

In November 1990, the Chief Rabbi Elect, Rabbi Jonathan Sacks, delivered his six Reith Lectures on BBC Radio 4.

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Interfaith Respect is Vital

In this article, published in The Times in November 2011, Rabbi Sacks reflects on the importance of cultural diversity.

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A Tribute to Rabbi Sacks

Leaders, thinkers, and artists from across Israeli society remember and pay tribute to Rabbi Sacks on his second yahrzeit

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The Power of Ideas

Words of Faith and Wisdom

A collection of speeches, articles and broadcast transcripts, specially collated, and with a Foreword by King Charles. These words of faith and wisdom shine as a beacon of enduring light in an increasingly conflicted cultural climate, and prove the timeless nature and continued relevance of Rabbi Sacks’ thought and teachings, and the power of his ideas.

Educational Resources


Being an Inspiring Parent

This video series consists of thirteen short videos, in which Rabbi Sacks discusses some of the ways we can be inspiring parents and really kindle the flame of Torah in our children.

Rabbi Sacks created this series for educators and parents, but he noted that by exploring these ideas, he himself learned and grew.


From the Archive

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A Chief Rabbi of Distinction

Professor Leslie Wagner shares reflections on Rabbi Sacks’ induction as Chief Rabbi, and the remarkable 22 years that followed.

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Freedom Depends on Education

In November 2009, Rabbi Sacks gave his first address in the House of Lords, where he emphasised the importance of prioritising British schools.

Medical Ethics

Ethical Issues at the Start of Life

The Samuel Gee Lecture on medical ethics was delivered by Rabbi Sacks at the Royal College of Physicians in 2001. 

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Read a selection of the tributes, statements, articles and obituaries published in the aftermath of Rabbi Sacks’ passing.

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Personal Reflections

Read a selection of personal reflections and stories about individuals’ interactions with Rabbi Sacks, or submit your own.