The Rabbi Sacks Global Day of Learning in Schools

Welcome to our new annual day of learning in memory of Rabbi Sacks, marking his yahrzeit and uniting schools all around the world in a shared goal.

Monday 14 November 2022

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For Communities

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Communities in Conversation is a global day of learning in memory of Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks zt”l, marking his yahrzeit annually.


“To defend a country you need an army. But to defend a civilisation you need schools. You need education as the conversation between the generations.”

– Rabbi Sacks


About the Day

Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks was one of the greatest Jewish thinkers of our generation. He was a teacher of Torah, a moral voice, and a leader of leaders, and he left behind words and teachings that will be his everlasting legacy.

To mark Rabbi Sacks’ second yahrzeit, join together with schools all around the world to commemorate and celebrate his life, his Torah, and the impact he made.

This annual event will allow your students to delve deeper into the wisdom and beauty of Rabbi Sacks’ ideas, in a way that is targeted towards their age-group.

The Rabbi Sacks Legacy has developed new educational resources, specially designed for educators participating in this Global Day of Learning. This year’s chosen theme is “From Optimism to Hope”, a profound idea often expressed by Rabbi Sacks.

To join this global initiative and receive the educational resources, please sign up here.

If you have any questions or require any assistance in planning an event in your school, please contact Louise at

Teaching Resources

Three educators’ guides, developed to assist in teaching students the theme of From Optimism to Hope:

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Elementary / Primary School

For students aged 8 – 11.

Educators’ Guides

schools logo middle school

Middle School

For students aged 11 – 14.

Educators’ Guides

Student Sheets

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High School

For students aged 14 – 18.

Educators’ Guides

Learning Resources

These pages aim to enhance your understanding of this theme, by referencing Rabbi Sacks’ videos, articles, and biblical extracts, as well as quotes, and discussion questions. Depending on the academic level of your students, you may wish to share the above resources with them, or you may prefer to simply use one of the three educator’s guides as you run through the ideas with your students.


Download our Global Day of Learning in Schools logos to utilise as you promote and publicise your event.

Partnering Schools


  • Beth Rivkah Ladies College, Melbourne
  • Carmel School and the Perth Jewish Community, Perth
  • Leibler Yavneh College, Melbourne


  • Associated Hebrew Schools, Toronto
  • Bnei Akiva Schools of Toronto
  • Hebrew Academy, Montreal
  • Les Ecoles Azrieli Herzliah High School, Montreal
  • Talmud Torah, Montreal
  • TanenbaumCHAT, Toronto


  • Instituto Hebreo Doctor Chaim Weizmann, Santiago

Hong Kong

  • Carmel School Association


  • Amit Carmiel
  • Alma Emunah School, Jerusalem
  • Amit Gutwirth High School, Sderot
  • Amit Hillel, Rechovot
  • Amit, Rechovot
  • Hashivenu, Jerusalem
  • King Solomon School, Kfar HaYarok
  • Midreshet Amit, Ashdod
  • Midreshet Amit, Modiin
  • Northern Lights, Nahariya
  • Ruach HaNegev, Retamim
  • Ulpanat Alei Zahav
  • Ulpanat Amit Noga, Bet Shemesh
  • Ulpanat Baharan, Gedera
  • Yeshivat Amit Amichai, Rechovot
  • Yonatan Sacks Elementary School, Jerusalem


  • Fahari Community School, Nairobi


  • Colegio Hebreo Maguen David, Mexico City
  • Prívate Jewish After School, Monterrey


  • Sir Manasseh Meyer International School


  • Israelitische Cultusgemeinde Zürich / Noam School, Zurich

South Africa

  • Cape Town Torah High


  • Gesher School, London
  • Haberdashers’ Boys’ School, London
  • Hertsmere Jewish Primary School, Hertfordshire
  • Immanuel College, Bushey
  • JFS, London
  • Kerem, London
  • King David High School/Yavneh Schools, Manchester
  • King Solomon High School, Barkingside
  • Rosh Pinah Primary School, Edgware
  • Sacks Morasha Jewish Primary School, London
  • Student Bet Midrash (partnered by Bnei Akiva, Tribe, and Mizrachi UK) London
  • Wolfson Hillel Primary School, London
  • Yavneh College, Borehamwood


  • Akiba Yavneh Academy, Dallas
  • ATC Talmud Torah, Stoughton
  • Atlanta Jewish Academy, Georgia
  • Bader Hillel Academy, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
  • Beren Academy, Houston
  • Berman Hebrew Academy, Maryland
  • Beth Shalom Academy, Kingston
  • Bi-Cultural Hebrew Academy, Stamford
  • Brauser Maimonides Academy (BMA), Hollywood
  • Charles E. Smith Jewish Day School, Maryland
  • David Posnack Jewish Day School, Florida
  • Denver Academy of Torah, Colorado
  • Donna Klein Jewish Academy, Florida
  • Fasman Yeshiva High School, Skokie
  • Fuchs Mizrachi School / Stark High School, Beachwood, Ohio
  • Fuchs Mizrachi School, Cleveland
  • Gesher Jewish Day School, Virginia
  • HALB, Woodmere
  • The Idea School, Tenafly
  • Irvine Hebrew Day School, California
  • JCC of Dallas, Texas
  • Joseph Kushner Hebrew Academy / Rae Kushner Yeshiva High School, Livingston
  • Kadima Day School, West Hills, California
  • Katz Hillel Day School, Boca Raton, Florida
  • Katz Yeshiva High School, Boca Raton, Florida
  • Kohelet Yeshiva, Lower Merion
  • Magen David Yeshivah, New York
  • Main Line Classical Academy, Philadelphia
  • Milton Gottseman Jewish Day School, Washington, DC
  • Margolin Hebrew Academy, Mepmphis, Tenessee
  • N.E. Miles Jewish Day School, Alabama
  • Northwest Yeshiva High School, Seattle
  • Posnak School, Florida
  • Ramaz Middle School, New York
  • San Diego Hebrew Day School, California
  • Sha’arei Bina Torah Academy for Girls Hollywood, Florida
  • Schechter Manhattan, New York
  • Scheck Hillel Community School, Florida
  • Shulamith High School, Woodmere
  • Spivak Hebrew Academy, Los Angeles
  • Villa Maria School, Stamford
  • The Weber School, Atlanta
  • Westchester Torah Academy, New Rochelle
  • Yeshiva Har Torah, New York
  • Yeshivah of Flatbush Elementary School, New York
  • Yeshivah of Flatbush Joel Braverman High School, New York
  • Yeshivat Ramaz, New York

May the soul of Rabbi Sacks zt”l be elevated in merit of the learning we will do in his memory.

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14 November 2022

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