The Rabbi Sacks Global Day of Learning in Schools

An annual day of learning in memory of Rabbi Sacks, marking his yahrzeit and uniting schools all around the world in a shared goal.

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Communities in Conversation is a global day of learning to mark the yahrzeit of Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks.


“To defend a country you need an army. But to defend a civilisation you need schools. You need education as the conversation between the generations.” – Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks

Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks was one of the greatest Jewish thinkers of our generation. He was a teacher of Torah, a moral voice, and a leader of leaders, and left behind words and teachings that will be his everlasting legacy.

To mark Rabbi Sacks’ third yahrzeit, schools all around the world will join together to commemorate and celebrate his life, his Torah, and the impact he made.

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May the soul of Rabbi Sacks zt”l be elevated in merit of the learning we will do in his memory.

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