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Masei (5774) – Leadership at Time of Crisis

Covenant & Conversation

The parsha of Masei always occurs at the heart of the Three Weeks. This is the time when we engage in an act of collective recall of our two greatest defeats as a nation. The symbol of the nation was the Temple in Jerusalem. So the symbol of the nation’s defeat was the destruction of the Temple. It happened twice, once in the sixth century BCE, the second time in the first century of the… read more

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In Defence of Religious Liberty

On May 15th, Rabbi Sacks received the highest honour awarded by the Becket Fund for Religious Liberty, America’s premier religious liberty law firm, at the 19th anniversary Canterbury Medal Dinner at the Pierre in New York City, NY. Each year, Becket’s Canterbury Medal is given to an individual who has “most resolutely refused to render to Caesar that which is God’s.” Watch a recording of Rabbi Sacks’ acceptance speech where he offered a passionate defence of religious liberty, explaining why it was not just important to American society, but to the world.


In ‘A Judaism  Engaged with the World’, Rabbi Sacks recounts his personal journey of discovery and faith. Through a compelling analysis of recent Jewish history, he warns that a Judaism divorced from society will be a Judaism unable to influence society or inspire young Jews. Calling Judaism “the voice of hope in the conversation of humankind”, Rabbi Sacks argues that in the twenty-first century, Jews will need the world, and the world will need the Jews. What we need, he argues, is a Judaism unafraid to engage with the intellectual, ethical, political and personal challenges of our time that inspires a new generation of Jewish leaders to address the challenges that face Jews, Judaism and Israel today. Download ‘A Judaism Engaged with the World’ here.

  • “Creation has its own dignity as God's masterpiece, and though we have the mandate to use it, we have one to destroy or despoil it.”

  • “God, the maker of all, has set his image on the person as such, prior to and independently of our varied cultures and civilisations, thus conferring on human life a dignity and sanctity that transcends our differences. That is the burden of his covenant with Noah and thus with all mankind.”

  • “Judaism is a complex and subtle faith, yet it has rarely lost touch with its simple ethical imperatives. We are here to make a difference, to mend the fractures of the world, a day at a time, an act at a time, for as long as it takes to make it a place of justice and compassion where the lonely are not alone, the poor not without help; where the cry of the vulnerable is heeded and those who are wronged are heard.”

  • “Morality is integral to the ecology of hope because it locates social change at a level at which we can make a difference through the acts we do, the principles by which we live, and the relationships we create.”

  • “Language is the narrow bridge across the abyss between soul and soul, whether the relationship is between two people, or between myself and the Self of the universe. Language is the redemption of solitude.”

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