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Re’eh (5774) – Defining Reality

Covenant & Conversation

One of the gifts of great leaders, and one from which each of us can learn, is that they frame reality for the group… read more. They define its situation. They specify its aims. They articulate its choices. They tell us where we are and where we are going in a way no satellite navigation system could. They show us the map and the destination, and help us see why we should choose this route not

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In Defence of Religious Liberty

Morality & Ethics

On May 15th, Rabbi Sacks received the highest honour awarded by the Becket Fund for Religious Liberty, America’s premier religious liberty law firm, at the 19th anniversary Canterbury Medal Dinner… read more

‘Making Space: A Jewish Theology of the Other’

Judaism & Torah

In February 2012, the Chief Rabbi was the Visiting Professor in Interfaith Studies at Oxford University. As part of this Humanitas Programme, the Chief Rabbi delivered a series of evening… read more

Rabbi Sacks on religious freedom and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights

On 24th July 2014, Rabbi Lord Sacks spoke in a debate in the House of Lords “to take note of international compliance with Article 18 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights concerning freedom of belief”. In his speech, Rabbi Sacks noted that "the fact people people in the 21st century are being murdered, terrorised, victimised, intimidated and robbed of their liberties because of the way they worship God is a moral outrage, a political scandal and a desecration of faith itself."


In ‘A Judaism  Engaged with the World’, Rabbi Sacks recounts his personal journey of discovery and faith. Through a compelling analysis of recent Jewish history, he warns that a Judaism divorced from society will be a Judaism unable to influence society or inspire young Jews. What we need, he argues, is a Judaism unafraid to engage with the intellectual, ethical, political and personal challenges of our time that inspires a new generation of Jewish leaders to address the challenges that face Jews, Judaism and Israel today. Download ‘A Judaism Engaged with the World’ here.

  • “Religion has done harm. But the cure of bad religion is good religion, not no religion, just as the cure of bad science is good science, not the abandonment of science.”

  • “Religious leaders should never seek power, but neither may they abdicate their task of being a counter-voice in the conversation of mankind.”

  • “Side-by-side relationships should be encouraged in all religious congregations. Faith divides; citizenship unites. That is why it is important for faith leaders to spell out the need for shared space where we celebrate our common humanity, not just our theological particularities.”

  • “Society is a conversation scored for many voices. But it is precisely in and through that conversation that we become conjoint authors of our collective future, rather than dust blown by the wind of economic forces. ”

  • “The Universality of moral concern is not something we learn by being universal but by being particular. Because we know what it is to be a parent, loving our children, not children in general, we understand what it is for someone else, somewhere else, to be a parent, loving his or her children, not ours.”

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