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Kedoshim (5774) – Followership

Covenant & Conversation

There is a fascinating sequence of commands in the great “holiness code” with which our parsha begins, that sheds light on the nature not just of leadership in Judaism but also of followership. Here is the command in context:
Do not hate your brother in your heart. Reprove [or reason with] your neighbour frankly so you will not bear sin because of him… read more. Do not seek revenge or bear a grudge against anyone among

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  • “If you want to know the strength of the Jewish people, ask them to give, and then count the contribution. To win the Jewish battle, the battle of the spirit, the victory of heart, mind and soul, you do not need numbers. You need dedication, commitment, study, prayer, vision, courage, ideals and hope. You need to offer people tough challenges through which to grow.”

  • “In Judaism, revelation is political because the Jewish project is not to scale the heavens in search of God but to bring the Divine presence down to earth in the structures of our social life.”

  • “Jews are a nation, and Judaism is a religion. There are nations that contain many religions. There are religions whose adherents are spread across many nations. What is unique is the way in which Judaism combines both.”

  • “Judaism honours both the universality of the human condition and the particularity of Jewish faith.”

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