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Vayelech (5774) – Consensus vs. Command?

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What do you say to your successor? What advice do you give him or her? Vayelech is the place to look for the answer, because it is here that Moses finally handed the reins over to Joshua, and he and God both give him a blessing for the future. But they gave different blessings.
Listen to them and they sound almost the same. Moses says “Be strong and of good courage, for you will come… read more

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Averting The Decree – #Thoughts4Elul 5774

Judaism & Torah

This year we approach the New Year with more fear and trembling than for a very long time. This summer, in Gaza, we saw Israel, at double risk of Hamas… read more

The Love That Says No – #Thoughts4Elul 5774

Judaism & Torah

When I was Chief Rabbi, each year before Rosh Hashanah I used to make a television film for the BBC. It was an interesting challenge. 99.5 per cent of the… read more

Rabbi Sacks speaks about the meaning of Kol Nidre

When he was Chief Rabbi, Rabbi Sacks used to deliver an annual Elul lecture at The London School of Jewish Studies. This lecture, delivered in September 2012, focuses on developing a deeper and more meaningful understanding of the Kol Nidre service recited at the beginning of Yom Kippur.

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As we approach Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur 5775, Rabbi Sacks has written a series of #Thoughts4Elul. Each short piece reflects certain aspects of this special and heightened spiritual time in the Jewish year. Rabbi Sacks has also recorded audio versions of all six pieces which you can listen to by subscribing to his iTunes podcast here. The six pieces are entitled:

(1) Averting The Decree;

(2) The Love That Says No;

(3) The Future of the Past;

(4) The Cry;

(5) Forgiveness [coming soon];

(6) God’s Faith In Us [coming soon].

  • “A Judaism divorced from society will be a Judaism unable to influence society. It will live and thrive and flourish behind high walls within its own defensive space, but it will not speak to those who wrestle with the very realities - poverty, disease, injustice, inequality and other assaults on human dignity - to which Torah was directed in the first place.”

  • “Civil society rests on moral relationships. They are covenantal rather than contractual. They belong to a liberal, not libertarian, social order. They are brought about not by governments but by us, as husbands and wives, parents, friends and citizens, and by the knowledge that what we do and what we are makes a difference to those around us.”

  • “Creation has its own dignity as God's masterpiece, and though we have the mandate to use it, we have one to destroy or despoil it.”

  • “Every Jew is a letter. Each Jewish family is a word, every community a sentence, and the Jewish people at any one time are a paragraph. The Jewish people through time constitute a story, the strangest and most moving story in the annals of mankind.”

  • “Faith is born not in the answer but in the question, not in harmony but in dissonance.”

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