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Acharei Mot (5774) – Sprints and Marathons

Covenant & Conversation

It was a unique, unrepeatable moment of leadership at its highest height. For forty days Moses had been communing with God, receiving from him the law written on tablets of stone. Then God informed him that the people had just made a golden calf. He was about to destroy them. It was the worst crisis of the wilderness years, and it called for every one of Moses’ gifts as a leader.
First, he prayed to… read more

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Seasons of Love (extract from Koren – Sacks Pesach Machzor)

Judaism & Torah

Shir HaShirim (which will be read on the afternoon of Shabbat chol ha’moed Pesach) is not the only biblical book about love. It is a complex emotion that cannot be… read more

The Unasked Question (taken from The Jonathan Sacks Haggada)

Judaism & Torah

Pesach is a night of questions, but there is one we do not ask, and it is significant. Why was there a Pesach in the first place? Why the years… read more

The Relevance of the Bible for Law and Ethics in Society Today

What was it about the Judeo-Christian ethic that led the West to develop market economics, democratic politics, human rights and the free society? In this King's College London inaugural lecture, Rabbi Sacks looks at seven aspects of biblical ethics, each of which played a part in this development: human dignity, freedom and responsibility; an ethic of guilt rather than shame; the family as the matrix of virtue, love as the basis of ethics and covenant as the basis of society. He argues that all seven are currently under threat, and that the Bible remains an important voice in the public conversation about ethics and law.

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‘Pesach in the Mountains’ with Rabbi Sacks

Rabbi Sacks all be Scholar in Residence at Pesach on the Mountain in Whistler, Canada. Further details can be obtained here.… find out more

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  • “Every Jew is a letter. Each Jewish family is a word, every community a sentence, and the Jewish people at any one time are a paragraph. The Jewish people through time constitute a story, the strangest and most moving story in the annals of mankind.”

  • “Faith is born not in the answer but in the question, not in harmony but in dissonance.”

  • “Freedom is won, not on the battlefield, nor in the political arena, but in human imagination and will. To defend a land, you need an army. But to defend freedom, you need education.”

  • “Mankind was not created to serve markets. Markets were made to serve mankind.”

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