Projects by The Rabbi Sacks Legacy

Rabbi Sacks Scholars

Sacks Scholars

The Sacks Scholars programme brings together a talented group of educators, academics, and leaders to study and develop the teachings of Rabbi Sacks.

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Torah V’Chochmah

A premier teacher training and curriculum project bringing the inspiring wisdom of Rabbi Sacks to your school.

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Communities in Conversation

4 November 2023 · 20 Marcheshvan 5784

An annual day of learning in memory of Rabbi Sacks on the anniversary of his passing.

schools yahrzeit 5783 2022

Schools Learning Day

An annual day of learning in memory of Rabbi Sacks, marking his yahrzeit and uniting schools all around the world in a shared goal.

herzog erica brown presidents residence 2nd sacks conversation beit hanassi 2022

The Sacks Conversation

President Isaac Herzog in conversation with Dr. Erica Brown, Director of the Sacks-Herenstein Center at Yeshiva University.