The Rabbi Sacks Global Day of Learning in Schools

Welcome to our new annual day of learning in memory of Rabbi Sacks, marking his yahrzeit and uniting schools all around the world in a shared goal.


Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks was one of the greatest Jewish thinkers of our generation. He was a teacher of Torah, a moral voice, and a leader of leaders, and he left behind words and teachings that will be his everlasting legacy.

To mark Rabbi Sacks’ second yahrzeit, join together with schools all around the world to commemorate and celebrate his life, his Torah, and the impact he made.

This annual event will allow your students to delve deeper into the wisdom and beauty of Rabbi Sacks’ ideas, in a way that is targeted towards their age-group.

The Rabbi Sacks Legacy Trust is developing educational resources, specially designed for schools participating in this Global Day of Learning. This year’s chosen theme is “From Optimism to Hope”, a profound idea often expressed by Rabbi Sacks.

To join this global initiative and receive the educational resources, please sign up here.

If you have any questions, please contact Louise at [email protected].

Monday 14th November 2022 – Please Save the Date!

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May the soul of Rabbi Sacks be elevated in merit of the learning we will do in his memory.